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DemandCon is Coming!

By Steve Bernstein - Last updated: Friday, April 22, 2011

DemandCon is Coming! DemandCon is Coming! There’s a brand new event coming in May this year called DemandCon.  Especially this time of year you might be asking, “How is this event different from all other events?” Death by PowerPoint isn’t being permitted: Sessions are 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A. The focus is on gaining […]

Fun with Net Promoter Customer Insights

By Steve Bernstein - Last updated: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In our research and (often) statistics-heavy industry it’s easy to go heads-down and just focus on the work.  But Net Promoter and customer Insight work can be fun – take a look at this from our friends in Netherlands! Let’s keep an eye on it to see how this goes: Net Promoter News: NPS Now […]

No, that’s not loyalty!

By Steve Bernstein - Last updated: Friday, April 1, 2011

Interesting news about the effectiveness of “Customer Loyalty Programs” from a recent study: Percentage of Americans that feel the loyalty program makes them feel valued:  27% Percentage of Americans that have heard from the program since signing up: 15% These are horrible numbers.  While I love to hear about companies that value customer loyalty, we […]