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Estimating the ROI of Customer Centricity

25 October 2010

Note:  This presentation by Kunal Gupta of Burke at NACCM 2010 echoes the sentiment you’ll often read here on the Waypoint blog.  Followers of this blog know that everything we do is linked to profitable growth (money!), so I especially enjoyed Kunal’s presenation.  Read on for a summary of what everyone should be doing in […]

Customer Intimacy Creates ROI

20 April 2010

While a growing number of B2B and B2C Marketing organizations publish their Net Promoter scores as a potential differentiator, I’m wondering why Marketing departments have been slow to embrace Net Promoter Score as a Key Performance Indicator. If you been reading this blog you’ve seen our discussions around leveraging your customers as an asset, and […]

[Webinar Recording]: Financial Linkage and VoC

1 May 2014

This past Wednesday marked the second webinar in our Insight to Action series with Medallia! This month’s topic discussed how B2B companies should be linking B2B revenue with customer feedback. This all important step in calculating relationship strength is the best way for management to make evidence-based decisions that positively impact the bottom line.   To listen […]

Surveys Without Action Do More Harm Than Good

10 January 2014

Or, with all respect to Dr. Strangelove, How I Learned To Stop Listening To The Voice Of The Customer And Embrace Change   It seems a bit odd from the above sub-title that someone with as much passion for “Customer Experience” and the voice-of-the-customer as I have would then imply that it’s good to stop […]

Best Practices in Customer Surveys: Does your Survey Add Value?

9 January 2014

Most companies survey their customers.  Whether its a periodic “relationship” or Net Promoter type of survey, an ongoing “transactional” survey that requests feedback following a customer interaction, or even a market research study, companies seem to love surveys! In the spirit of a new year, it’s an ideal time to take a step back and […]

2 FAQs on Customer Experience

23 September 2013

There have been some great conversations in LinkedIn groups that merit some attention.  I don’t think I’m allowed to replicate the full thread here, so I’ve included my own responses and invite others to check out the groups.  As these 2 questions are important topics, let’s keep the conversation going!  If you’re not a group member you […]

When Waiters Have to Bring Bad Food

22 August 2012

I caught a neat little article that – while written specifically to the restaurant industry – is applicable to any business.  In fact, it ties nicely to a whitepaper we wrote a while back titled, “When the Waiter Brings Bad Food:  Measuring the contribution of the Service / Support Organization in an environment of intervening […]

Attack of the Killer Hippos

15 December 2011

We’ve previously written about how Hippos – HIghest Paid Person’s Opinion – can damage ROI.  It’s worth calling out a recent McKinsey study titled, “A Rising Role for IT”, may have inadvertently shined the light on this through a footnote that I think is worth calling out: “…respondents say their companies are shifting decision making […]

Marketing is DEAD. Here are 5 Steps to revive it.

20 October 2011

I used to be a proud VP Marketing.  These days ‘marketing’ seems to be all about spamming people with as much noise as possible. Many Marketing organizations plod along with ~5% open rates, ~3% conversion rates, and little-to-no ability to report the real business value (results) they bring to the company.  And then they complain that […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Hurt More than They Help…and How to Fix Them

2 August 2011

We’ve all seen those customer satisfaction surveys in one form or another. “Bank X has a 96% Customer Satisfaction rating!” “Please rate your satisfaction with your most recent experience…” Companies spend millions of dollars on those every year. Are they getting their money’s worth? Certainly not. Here’s why…

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